Saturday, January 9, 2016

Biggie Gives His Money Away

Biggie Gives His Money Away

This is a dream I had during my afternoon nap. I am aware it is full of symbolism, I don't typically take my dreams literally. The symbolism in this dream is very, very interesting I must say. Many times my dreams lead me to a lot of research and in doing so, I find that my images are consistent with real time or historical references. 

In this dream I am an Elder. My hair is all white and I am wearing an aqua blue shawl. There are several people of all ages surrounding me. Many of them are part of my biological family but many are not. There are family, friends and friends of friends and so on. But I am the Elder and it seems to be my tribe and folks all tend to follow my lead.

One day we look out of the window a guy who looks like Biggie Smalls is outside giving away money to whomever approaches him or who is in the crowd around him. He is dressed in a white suit and his throwing the money into the crowd.  Initially it starts with dollar bills and while we are out there we acquire some of the money.

People get so excited they grab the money and start to count it right away while standing in the middle of the crowd. I shake my head and tell them to go to a quiet place and count their money so they don't tempt someone to snatch it, especially if they feel you got more than they did, or they are greedy. I have a few dollars in my hand but I dare not open my hand to count them. All denominations were being thrown at us so it was really hard to tell what you had in your hand without looking.

I squeeze my hand tightly and begin to move out of the crowd when all of a sudden, Biggie changes directions and starts to throw envelopes at us. The envelopes were addressed, some open some not, some thick and some thin but they all had cards and what appeared to be more money, dollar bills.

As I am getting up to leave, he walks over to me and drops a huge stack of envelopes into my lap. Since I have on a large skirt I am able to gather them up in my skirt, get up and retreat back into the house. I tell everyone around me, that I am going into the house and that I will open the envelopes with my families' help when I get inside.
"Come on, everyone, let's go inside now." I gently say in a moderate tone.
We turn around to go inside and gather around to help in opening the envelopes.

The cards had returned addresses from all over the country it seems. Each of them were for "Biggie Smalls" and it's as if they were sending him money and it seemed he didn't need it, from the way he was acting in giving it away.

Some of the envelopes were just fan mail and others were filled with money, some almost packed with money. We worked diligently to sort through the envelopes and felt right in our possession of them in that he had purposely given them to us.

Then, all of a sudden, there was a knock on the door and some of Biggie's folks demanded that we give the cards and the money, particularly the money back to them.
"Give us the money or things are not going to go so well for you all."
"Why should we do that, we were given the money in good faith. What's the matter? Why is he reneging on his actions with us? We did not ask for the windfall of envelopes, he gave them to us."
"Okay lady, if you don't give it back, we will have to return with some heat, so I suggest you hand it over."

Their bodies crowd my doorway but I could see Biggie standing behind them
egging them on to get his money from us.  I asked everyone to close and lock the doors.
"We need to count this money and take it to the bank so we will not be threatened with robbery, they would have to rob the bank to get the money." I say to everyone.

We commence to opening the envelopes and put the money in stacks that we can take to the bank. The henchmen return, and this time with heat. They are threatening and they are vicious and determined to get the money from us.

They start to attack some of us, particularly the women as there were several women, more than men in my family circle. I could not bare for this to happen and began an incantation that would bring down a very strong spirit that would take care of them. This spirit was very, very powerful and could drop a man to his knees or even kill him if need be. I begin the incantation (it seems to me to be some type of tribal sound that Native Americans would sing).

As I do this incantation my physical body, though old becomes spry and strong
and able. I am carrying a staff with a u shape at the top which I use to stop them by placing it under their chin. Then I place my hand on their neck, direct my energy into their jugular and stop the flow of blood. I drop them, one by one. There were approximately 4-5 men, big men, dressed in grayish suits or outfits. They came to kill us for the money and I was defending my family. My display of force and power scared any of the others who survived. Some survived because I did not kill them, just dropped them in a stupor. They quickly left.

People are afraid of juju and it was easy to drop them due to their fear even though there was one guy who resisted and it took a little more incantation and stronger will power to drop him.

After it was over, I was exhausted and retreated to my room. It had been several moons since I displayed in that manner, nor did I have to protect my family in that way for a very long time before now.

I call everyone around me and tell them the news.
"Things will have to change from now on. We have a serious enemy. I do not know why they have changed course but now we have to go into protection mode.  Many of you are associates or even friends with the folks who attacked us. You can no longer interact with them as you will bring insecurity, fear and a lack of safety to our family. Slowly but surely we will have to break all ties with them. Some of them who participated in the attack have been sent to jail, some of them women."

Here I see a vision of women in jail who attacked our family.
I announce. "They are not going to be in there long as it was merely a misdemeanor and I am sure they will be back. We have to be strong willed and determined in this endeavor as now the enemy is closer than ever. We cannot take any chances. I hope everyone understands."

Everyone seemed to be in agreement immediately after the incident but as time wore on they began to rekindle their relationships with the others. By this time our money was in the bank. I had decided it was best not to start buying a bunch of new things to keep the hounds off our trail and not to incite vicious jealousy that would make them feel the need to rob us again. I am still not sure why Biggie would send his henchmen to retrieve his money but as far as I was concerned he had given it to me, and so it belonged to me and my family.

Family members started getting closer and closer to those who were connected to those who attacked us and it was not looking well.  They were using the excuse of wanting to be with us as they have lost their homes and had no where to live and needed shelter. We had a very extended family structure and so little by little they were with us more and more. Squabbles would flare up from time to time and it slowly became very crowded. I decide that we should move to the 3rd floor and let them have the second floor where we once lived. Still trying to be frugal and not over spend I did not choose to move out of the building into another building altogether, not just yet.

One day, it happened. What I had suspected came to pass. The folks on the second floor decided to attack us and rob us and take whatever they could. They came with force and it was really, really difficult to keep them at bay.  We did not have secure doors and the doors with locks were flimsy and they were easily able to break into them. Many of the family members who had issue with how I was managing the money had joined sides with the others and it was really hard to tell who was who in this altercation. I do not remember if I had to call down the Spirit that protected us before or not. I think I may have but this part of the dream is not clear. But I am sure we were able to defend ourselves, even though our numbers had dwindled down from many to just a few, including my most loyal companion who stayed with me throughout the entire time along with her children.

In the next scene, we have moved to an entirely different location, and I conceded that we probably should have done that from the beginning. It would have been wise certainly because of the family, friends and friends of friends connections we had that spilled over into Biggie's circle of friends, fans and henchmen.
We are safe but we are a much, much smaller extended family. I take a walk from bedroom to bedroom and count the little people and mothers and families that are left and while before I could barely number them, it was easy to do so now. Many of our former family members had left the clan. We could no longer trust them anymore, and while they "pretended" to be harmless and willing to refrain from their aggressions, we just didn't know how far it would go or how long it would last. We had trusted them in the past, and they betrayed us, so now we are wary. We move along with our daily activities.

I have completely refurnished the house in a modest fashion. We have all that we need but nothing extravagant. My closest companion and helper stayed with me through it all and that made me happy. But I even wondered if one day, she too would betray me, all because I decided to keep what was given to me and thus risked a number of family and friends and friends of friends as a result.

One day, I was called to come to an event. I had no idea what the event was about but it seemed that several people wanted to meet with me so I agreed to attend. I carry my staff with me, it is a sort of walking stick most times and am helped into a building that appeared to be a church of some sort.

When I get inside, I see that the inside of the building is like a huge coliseum and
the seats are filled with people. More than I had ever witnessed before. I assume they must have invited several people to this event along with myself. My companion takes me by the arm and guides me into the seating area. A man greets us at the top of the seating area as the coliseum had seating that went down into the ground from where we entered. There is a huge hole that was dug out in the center and I had a fleeting thought that they had trapped me and was about to throw me into the middle of that hole. I began to prepare my mind for death and could feel my spirit slowly moving out of my body.
Then, I hear.
"It's your birthday! Congratulations! We have all come to celebrate your birthday!"
This totally shocked me and I was snatched back into the reality of what was happening.
"Are you sure you are talking to me?" I respond.
I didn't typically celebrate my birthday and wondered if they meant the other elder who appeared to be much older than I was.
"Are you sure you mean it's my birthday? These people have come together to celebrate my birthday?" I respond incredulously.
"Yes the man booms loudly. "Yes, we are all here to celebrate you. It's your birthday!! Come in, come in and have a seat, we are all hear to see you and to let you know how much we appreciate you. Come in! Come in!!"
Here the dream ends.

As I review this dream I am sure it is a hodgepodge of what I saw on the internet as well as in my email.
The $800million power ball
The story about whether women should go to prison
Some of my own thoughts about how people act when they get more money than they ever had in their life.
My suggestion to one of my social media buds, that they should share their money if they win.
A picture of a man showing what he would do with his money if he won, get a really expensive car.
Social media, the family, friends and friends of friends.
And a bunch of other stuff.
One thing that was interesting was the role I played in this dream which was entirely NOT the role I play on this time line. Certainly not the age, the clothing and the community but maybe on some levels through social media, that community does exist, and maybe some folks think I have white hair.
Also the idea that after Biggie Smalls gave the money to me, he sent his henchmen to get it back and the attacks that ensued clearly indicate the IRS who will take a big chunk of the money cause they never give it all to you. But what you do get is so big that it doesn't matter to someone who never had millions of dollars before.

Finally, my own thoughts about how people act when they get a lot of money and the way their friends act and their families as well.

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