Friday, September 6, 2019

Announcing Sept., 2019, Dream Workshops

Announcing Sept., 2019, Dream Workshops

Dreams are the primary portal to the Spiritual Realm.
Two upcoming workshops.
Sept. 14, 2019 @Atiya Ola's Spirit First Foods, 310 S 48th St., Phila., PA 19143
4:30-6:30pm Free/Donations Accepted

Sept. 15, 2019 @ Nutrition & Heath Center
5601 N. 10th St., Phila., PA 19141
3-5pm $10/Advanced. $12/Door
Refreshments will be served.

Contact via text, 1 770 580 3322

Video Conference Option:

Greetings, Peace and Blessings to you, your family and loved ones.  My name is Nana Baakan and I want to invite you to my upcoming dream workshops.  We have been smooth sailing so far with our previous workshops.  People came out and shared their dreams and we learned so much from one another.

We learned that we are all dreamers in one way or another.  Some of us sleep and dream others have visions, and a lot of us do both.  Dreams come to us on a continuum from daydreams to night dreams to astral projection to all kinds of other paranormal phenomenon.

My tag line is "Dreams are the primary portal to the spiritual realm."  Dreams are free yet they offer us a wealth of information, opportunities to expand spiritually and psychically and if we take the time and do the dream work, we will be surprised at the acceleration our spiritual growth and development will take.  All we have to do is make the intention, "I will remember my dreams."  In remembering them we honor that very sacred yet often misunderstood and even disregarded side of our Divine Essence.

Have you ever noticed, that we live on a planet, in a reality where everything has a sleep cycle, even the tiny bugs that crawl across the ground and fly through the air. Everybody sleeps.  There is a period of dormancy that is required by all living beings.  This is a known fact that is so often overlooked.  When we take that into consideration, we can begin to discover how important sleep is not only for rejuvenation and regeneration but for exploration into that part of our psyche where there is only spirit and limitless possibilities.

Scientists, scholars, priests and even magicians have been intrigued by sleep and what it all means.  There are hundreds of books to read on what happens when we sleep, why we sleep, how we sleep, the positions we sleep in and on and on.  For me, the most important part of sleep is what we dream.   Dreams are messages from the soul, they are very revealing and can often answer questions that we have worried over during waking life.  In the dream state, we may meet old friends, deceased loved ones or travel to place never seen in waking life.  We may even meet the incarnates that our soul has traveled through, or as some may say, past lives.  All in all, dreaming is invaluable in getting closer and closer to that part of ourselves that is not physical, but fanciful, imaginative, informative, spiritual, enlightening, etc.

These are the things we cover in our workshops.
We want to invite you and your family to come out.
We have two more lined up for the month of September.

One will be held on Sept. 14, 2019, at Atiya Ola's Spirit First Foods, 310 S. 48th Street, Phila., PA 19143  It starts at 4:30PM and typically ends at 6:30 PM or there abouts.  It's free and open to the public, however, we will graciously accept a donation.

On Sept. 15, 2019, the following day, we have another dream workshop that will be hosted at Nutrition and Herb Center, 5601 N. 10th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19144 from 3pm to 5PM.  Admission in advance is $10 and $12 at the door. Refreshments will be served.
To register for this workshop please contact me by text message at 770-580-3322.

Also, I will be giving away free 2/ 20 minute readings. Anyone interested in getting a free reading will enter a lottery and names will be drawn at the end of the workshop. Those who win will then set up an appointment to get their free reading.

All you west philly folks meet me at the junction, Atiya Ola's Spirit First Foods, 310 S. 48th Street, Phila., PA Saturday, Sept. 14, 2019

All you North Philly folks, meet me at the Nutrition & Herb Center, 5601 N. 10th Street, Phila., PA 19144 on Sunday, Sept. 15, 2019.

All are welcomed to attend either or both workshops.  
Interested? text me 770 580 3322

And don't worry, if you cannot be there physically, we are setting it up so that you can join us on via video call and participate that way.  If you are interested in being a part of a video connection please contact me, give me your information and I will give you all the info you need to sign up.  Nowadays, technology connects us across thousands of miles.  If you have a computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone, you to can join us, as well. 

The date for the video connect is September 15, 2019  3PM to 5PM EST.  So if you are in different time zone be sure to check out what time that would be where you live.  To Register for the video connect, send me a text message or email me @ I will give you all the information you need to join us.

We are excited about our progress in getting closer and closer to understanding the inner workings of our Dream Universe, and we invite you to join us.

Thanks so much for watching this video and hope to see you there!!

Peace & Blessings………………………………………..

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Case Against the Invisible Man (A Dream Story) Video

The Case Against the Invisible Man (A Dream Story)

Today I want to share with you a dream story.  I dream often and many times the are like short stories.  I have always loved writing and reading short stories so my dreams are my muse.
In this video, I will share with you a dream story called: "The Case Against the Invisible Man"
Before you ask, I want you to know that I do flesh out my dreams stories so that they can flow when telling them to you. I dream in vivid detail but in some instances, it's more of a knowing than to say that I actually  "saw" it in the dream Universe. So to make it a more interesting read, I may had a few details that were there in the dream Universe but not specifically.  If you are a dream you know what I mean.
This dream story is comedy with a bit of a  mature audience content.  So be advised, before you share this dream story with your children. 
I suggest that the quickest way to evolve in the development of you spirituality is become completely immersed in the dream Universe.  There is so much wisdom, knowledge and understanding right there for you.  Dreams are Messages from the Soul.

This dream story has 3 parts.

  • The Court Docket
  • Ms. Halu Synate describes the advantages and disadvantages of having an Invisible Lover.
  • And finally, the court proceedings.
  • By all means, enjoy the story, leave your comments below and hopefully you will get a good belly laugh out of it.  Thanks so much for listening and thanks for watching.

  • ____________________________________________________________________

    This story covers the details of a case presented in court, before JUDGE HERKIMER BARTHOLOMEW JOHNSON
    US District Court Docket 777555408
    Date: January 74, 2018
    Court of Common Pleas
    District 69
    City: Moronsville
    State: Woodenunoit Township, KS, USA
    Residing Judge: Judge Herkimer Bartholomew Johnson

    Complainant: MS. HALOU SYNATE
    Legal Counsel: MS. HALOU SYNATE represents self
    Defendant: MR. AJM UNCEEN
    Legal Counsel: Unknown. Defendant was unable to secure counsel due to circumstances beyond his control, i.e., he could not appear.

    The Advantages and Disadvantages of having An Affair with An Invisible Man

    The Advantages:

    Has this ever happen to you.  Have you ever been ravished by an Invisible Man.
    It happens to some of the best of us, and maybe a few of the worst of us, but it can happen and I am here to tell you my story. I have a very intriguing story to tell, I have been having an affair with an invisible man.  I mean this man, when he comes over he rocks me in the cradle of love, and I rocks back.

    You don't have to worry about catching any diseases. Or what your body looks like or smells like. You don't have to fix your hair.
    It doesn't matter what you have on, you can have on all your clothes or none of your clothes.
    You can wear whatever you like, new or old. Something flattering to your shape or size or just an old t-shirt with holes in it.
    You don't have to get up and fix it breakfast in the morning or polish his shoes, motivate him or tell him how handsome he is. You don't have to pay his bills, nurse him to health or protect his fragile ego.
    Every once in a while they may get fragile because they want it to seem like you are immensely so charged by their invisibility, that when they come on the scene you can't help yourself.
    So they may need some type of energetic response from you like "oohs" and "aahs" and count your orgasms.  They might want to see you move your toosh around a bit, do the sexual dance. The one where you roll your hips around just so he can feel you are dancing for him a little bit. After that you can just lay da fuq there.

    He can come at any time. He can come while you are standing in the bank line or talking with someone. He can come when you are fixing dinner for your ownself.  Or when you are standing naked in the middle of the floor. He responds to your every wish and will happily oblige you.  I even heard that multiple female orgasm causes weight loss. Since he is invisible you can have hundreds in one day!

    Now there are some disadvantages but not too many.
    He can't put out the trash or walk the dog, you have to do that yourself.

    And, if you are really good at communicating with this invisible man, you might hear him tell you how beautiful you are. He might even tell you he loves you, just to keep you going. So you won't have any doubt in your mind that you are being ravished by an invisible man who loves you. Now,  above all the things that you could possibly enjoy and extremely cherish, is the fact that the invisible man, loves you.

    He says, "I might be invisible, but that don't mean I don't love you. I'm just invisible."

    One of the Key advantages to this invisibility, you don't have to deal with the friction, so you can entertain him all the damn day.

    And if your invisible man is really talented, he'll put your ass on a schedule.  He will wake you up and tuck you in at night!

    The invisible man can keep you aroused all in your sleep. Make you have orgasm all while you are sleeping and you can't accuse him of rape or molestation or any like that, can't you see yourself in court, trying to accuse the invisible man?

    Well maybe not, but I can and that is exactly what I did! Things got out of hand and so I had to take him to court.


    Order in the court. Order in the court!  All Rise!

    "Ma'am………? So it appears that you wish to bring a case before the court, you have an accusation that you would care for the court to address."
    "Yes, I do, your honor. I have a case that I would like to bring before the court."
    "Yes Ma'am, what is it? Please state your case."
    "Well, you see, I want to report a rape."
    "Okay Ma'am, did you do your rape kit? Did you go and get that done?"
    "Yeah, I got that done and there were no physical signs of rape."
    "Okay Ma'am, so why are you here if there were no signs of it?"
    "Well the only signs I had was that my honey pot was dripping."
    "Okay, your honey pot was dripping, Ma'am?"
    "Yes it was, and actually it's been going on for at least two months, that I have found myself being ravished and it's happening while I am asleep."
    "Ma'am, you are being raped in your sleep, Ma'am?"
    "Yes, it seems that our activities when I am awake are not enough for him, so he continues to get it, to engage, with me, while I am asleep. In fact, he wakes me up, and I always thought that if there's no consent there, that it could be called rape."
    "Okay Ma'am, you are being approached while you are sleeping.  So Ma'am, I am trying to understand what is your case that you wish to bring against this…  Who is this person, do you have a name for this person?"
    "Well, I have a pet name for him. Because I noticed that when I call his name, he shows up."
    "Ma'am, you are in a relationship with the person that you are accusing of raping you, Ma'am?"
    "Well see, what had happened was, your honor, one day I was feeling like I wanted to experiment to see that  if I gave him a name, would he come whenever I wanted him to, because before then, he was the one who decided to come visit me. You know sometimes you want a visitor and other times you don't want a visitor. So I need to be sure that I could control the visits when I wanted them, instead of waiting for him to decide when "he" would visit me.  So I gave him a pet name and I've been using that name ever since, your honor."
    "Ma'am, do you think this is the right place to plead your case. Maybe you might want to talk to a psychiatrist."
    "No, I don't need a psychiatrist, I am not crazy. I have been ravished, I have been molested, I have been raped, I have been over taken, I have been possessed, by an invisible man. And I want to plead my case in this court of law, your honor. Because I didn't mind being ravished when I was awake, but this whole thing about ravishing me in my sleep, and I thought that when you are not conscious and they come and get you, that you can bring a case against them."
    "But Ma'am, you have no proof, the rape kit came back negative, there's no semen……….…"
    "No, that's right, there's no semen, but I got plenty of juice to show you. In fact your honor, if you like, I can demonstrate how he does it."
    "Ma'am, that will not be necessary. Thank you.  Will you please continue with your story."
    "Okay, well, one day in a small country town known as Moronsville, KS, a tall dark and handsome hunk of a man sat in my living room. Yes he did. And we had a business meeting and so during that meeting, we exchanged loving long glances at one another. I looked at him and he… looked at me.
    "Well is he invisible yet?"
    "No, no, no, he's not invisible yet. No, no, no he's not invisible. He's not an apparition not just yet, he is in the physical and he is fine as the day is long. Yes, that's right.
    Several years later, I started noticing that he was lurking within the deep recesses and corners of my home."
    "Is he, is he, is he still visible, Ma'am."
    "Oh no, the visible man hasn't been around since who knows da fuq how long that's been. Who da fuq knows when the last time his physical ass been here, I ain't talking about his physical ass.  I'm talking about……. Oh, excuse me, pardon my vernacular. No he has not returned in the physical flesh as of yet."
    "Oh, I see Ma'am so continue with your story, it's quite intriguing."
    "Yes, it is, you can't even imagine how amazing it is to be ravished by an invisible man. And I have no complaints about being ravished. It's just when the ravishing continues throughout the day, when I'm standing, when I'm walking, when I'm talking, when I'm working, those moments, when I am a little indispose to entertain my invisible man. Yes, those are the times, when I feel the most vulnerable,  and may have him feel like 'Damn, you mean to tell me that you don't want me to visit you now?"
    "Uh Yeah, I do want you to visit me, I just don't want you to visit me now."
    "Well, that's what I asked you, that you don't want me to visit you now."
    "No, because see, I have things to do, and when you are in there visiting me, I get distracted, I can't concentrate and all of that.  So that's why it's best that you come when I'm not doing something."
    That's how you have to communicate with him, you know, because his feelings will get hurt, if you don't be nice to him.  Although I do have a magic word. It's like a magic bullet! It's like a silver bullet! That word right there, all I have to do is say that word and poof! He disappears!
    But he ravishes my body, and takes me places I have never been before on the physical plane.  Then it got out of hand one day, and that's why I'm in court, because it got out of hand. It seriously got out of hand, because up until that point I didn't have no problems with my invisible man.  It was going on for years, your honor. I mean, I had no problems with my affair with my invisible man.  I didn't have to worry about his family or his friends, I didn't have to worry about my family and my friends.  Nobody had to know that he was coming to visit me, 4 and 5 times a day. No one knew, it was a secret."
    "But Ma'am, you said he was invisible, though."
    "Yes he is, he can't help himself, he has to be invisible. He doesn't want anyone to see him. He's invisible because he has to be invisible. There's no way around that."
    "Okay Ma'am, he's invisible."
     "But you are having an affair with him though aren't you?."
    "Yes, yes I am, it's a fascinating affair, it's so amazing, it's so amazing. I have never had the type of orgasms I have had with this man."
    "It may appear a bit strange to you. I understand that, you might think the physical orgasms are much more profound than the orgasms from an invisible man, but I'm here to tell you, having felt what a visible man can do, I tell you right here, and I tell you right now, I prefer the invisible man. Yeah!"
    "Okay, Ma'am."
    "Yes so, let me tell you my story. So, it's been years since he has been in my physical presence.  But in the meantime and in between time, he has entertained me from the invisible realm."
    "Yes I kid you not. In fact, the entertainment is so profound that I am speechless afterwards. In fact, I often fall into a deep hypnotic trance."
    "Okay Ma'am, a deep hypnotic trance you fall into?."
    "Yes, I do, I kid you not"
    "Okay, and so after this deep hypnotic trance, how do you feel?"
    "Oh, I feel wonderful, I feel wonderful, I feel… oh, I just can't even describe, it's indescribable."
    "Okay, so why are we in court Ma'am. If you are having an affair with an invisible man who is making you feel all these kinds of ways, so why are you in court?"
    "Well you see, the reason I am in court is because I had read somewhere that, when someone takes advantage of you, if you are sleeping and someone decides to come in there and sit on you and penetrate you, and he didn't ask you, he kind of got in there, it might be something that I need to have addressed in a court of law."
    "Yes Ma'am but didn't you say that this man is invisible."
    "Oh certainly he is, but does invisibility have anything to do with the law of the land? How does it not apply to him, if he's visible and he does it or if he's invisible and he does it? He broke the law and that is my point"
    "Okay Ma'am he broke the law."
    "Exactly, this is what I am trying to explain to you. So let me finish my story. So one day we were enjoying ourselves."
    "You were enjoying yourselves?"
    "Yes, we were, we were having quite a wonderful time together. And then, he said he wanted to, well you know that thing they do, he said he wanted to do that, and when he did it, OMG,  well, I mean after he reached his peak and he released himself, I followed suit and before I knew it I was releasing for 24 hours, afterwards."
    "Ma'am, releasing what?"
    "Oh my dear, you don't want me to be that specific do you?"
    "Oh yes, Ma'am, it would help with gathering the evidence in this case, it will help our case and help us determine whether or not the invisible man is guilty of the charges being pressed against him. So we need to have all the facts. So Ma'am, let's go back to your story."
    "Yes, so he released himself, I released myself but I never stopped releasing, I continued to release for 24 hours afterwards."
    "Okay, were you able to Participate with any of your other activities?"
    "Your honor, I think this line of questioning is inappropriate, I mean I don't wish to override your position as the judge in this hearing, but I'm beginning to think that you are looking more for details about our experiences together, more so than looking at the fact!!! That I was asleep."
    " Well Ma'am the more evidence you give us, the more certain we can be of providing the justice that you seek and deserve."
    "Alright sir, I really don't want to get into some details because when you asked me about releasing myself, what does that have to do with anything."
    "Well Ma'am, you added that to the story, and so we thought we would engage you and follow along with your story because that's what you are telling us, that you released yourself."
    "Yes I did, your honor, but that has nothing to do with  the fact that I was asleep, and I just finished reading that when someone enters your lair while you are asleep, and takes advantage of you, you can accuse them, take them to court and have them prosecuted. Oh I must admit, too. I am not too sure, but he may be even drugging me. I am beginning to believe during the waking times that he is drugging me, I do tend to think that is exactly what is happening."
    "Ma'am are the drugs invisible too?"
    "Well of course the drugs are invisible. How could he, an invisible man, carry a physical drug and give it to me.   Seriously judge you should know that. You have been a judge for a very long time. And certain things you should not need to ask. And it would be obvious that if he's an invisible man, that his drugs are  invisible as well.  I don't understand why you are even asking this, the invisibility of his drugs.  I am telling you about the effects of his drugs. I'm talking about the effects of his drugs, not the fact of whether they are visible, that's obvious that they are invisible, obviously!"
    "Okay Ma'am, it's obvious that his drugs are invisible and you are having an effect……...."
    "Yes, that's right, when he drugs me up, I am out of my mind, I can't think, I can't walk, I can't talk, I just fall off to sleep and have the most awesome dreams, but that is irrelevant, the fact that I dream after he comes. But that's irrelevant to the case here, but what I would like to express and stress is that when he comes….. and drugs me, I found out that that was incorrect, I found out that that was against the law,  that you are not supposed to drug somebody and then take advantage of them, and so I wanted to add that, but I don't know if that's a different case or anything, or if it's evidence that you need for this particular case, all I know is that I read up on it."
    "Okay Ma'am, can you please continue."
    "Certainly, no problem, I am saying that I am having an affair with this very awesome invisible man. I had no problem with having an affair with him. It's been going on for years. Matter of fact it's been going on for 9 years.  Yes, he'd show up in my dreams and ravish me, then he started showing up in my visions, and then the visions got more and more powerful, and before long, he was there all the time."
    "Okay Ma'am so, you're saying he's invisible, but you can envision him you can see him, you can actually see him?"
    "Yes, I can see him, he's only invisible to you. You can't see him."
    "So I decided to use the term "invisible" just so that "you" could understand why "you" don't see him.  It should make logical sense to anyone who hears this story.  You can't see him because he's only visible to me."
    "that's right! And it's very true."
    "Yes Ma'am, and so continue."
    "So after many years of just showing up in my dreams, he decided to come visit me. Yes he did. And the visits, I must say were quite exquisite, I totally enjoyed them. You see when you deal with an invisible man, it don't cost as much time in your preparation for him, you don't have to put on make up. You know, girls like to make up themselves when they are about to have, a visitor.  So you don't even have to shower.  You don't have to polish your nails. Nope, you don't have to do none of those things. It's quite an amazing opportunity to just BE YOU! Be yourself, your all beautiful self, it's an opportunity to just love yourself, you don't have to worry about being judge for not being pretty enough, or tall enough or, you know, all of those things that women tend to bother themselves with. You don't have to do any of that, you just be "You".
    "Okay Ma'am."
    "I've also lost a lot of weight, at least 30 pounds!"
    "Ma'am, we are not here to talk about your weight loss plan."
    "I'm saying it's quite an intriguing and amazing opportunity to just discover who you are without all the trappings of make-up and jewelry and accessories and smell good stuff, where you just can be in your own smells. If you pass gas, he doesn't care, and you can release yourself in other ways. It doesn't bother him. There's no judging of you or anything that you do. So in that regard, I think it's quite a healthy relationship to have because you don't have to be anything but who you are. And who would not want to have that type of relationship with someone?"
    "But Ma'am you're in court accusing him of raping you. And so if he's raping you, how is that…….?"
    "Excuse me judge, I just wanted to explain to you that I read that anybody who comes to you and attempts to have sex with you while you are asleep that is a form of rape."
    "Yes Ma'am it can be considered that.  Did you ask him to leave or anything?  Did you demand that he stop? Did you call the police?"
    "Well, your honor, I have to admit that, No, no and no. But I still feel that I have a case because of what I read on the internet, it's considered rape."
    "But  you didn't ask him to stop, you didn't demand that he leave, and you didn't call the police to report this crime that was being waged against you."
    "No your honor, I did not. No I did not. It never occurred to me until after I read the article on the internet."
    "Okay Ma'am you read the article on the internet."
    "Yes I did, I read it on the internet and it said that…...  And not to mention those drugs, he drugs me every time. Yes he does. I tried to keep my mind open. He's almost like Bill Cosby with the Quaaludes."
    "Ma'am we are not talking about the Bill Cosby case today, okay?."
    "I'm just saying, isn't that what Bill Cosby did, he rendered them asunder by giving them drugs. Yes, that's what he did, I know about that.  Terrible man that he is."
    "Ma'am, we wanna keep ourselves focused on this particular case right here with your particular situation."
    "It's okay, I don't mind focusing on my situation I just want you to know that I am aware of other situations that are similar to mine.  The only difference is that the man who's giving me the drugs is invisible, that's the only difference, I don't see how anything else can be different. I don't see it at all.  They come to you, they visit you, right. They invite you to come visit them. They invite you to come and play with them, all of that good stuff.  And then, once they've gotten your trust, they go for the kill. That's what I'm talking about. I was under the impression that he ws a nice guy and all his wondrous invisibility, and those brown eyes of his."
    "Ma'am how do you know what color his eyes are? If he's invisible, how do you even know?"
    "Oh I told you already. Your honor, You're not doing your job very well, you're not a very good listener. I already told you that "you" are the only people who cannot see him.  I can see him. Exactly, your honor, I can see him!"
    "Okay,  Ma'am you can see him, but nobody else can?"
    "No Of course not, your honor, that is why I am here. Because if no one else can see him, this would be an unbelievable story. No one would believe me, unless I took him to court, that's why I am here, I need to take his ass to court. That's what I need to do"
    "Okay Ma'am you need to take him to court. "
    "Exactly he needs be in front of you, your honor so he can plead his case because he's guilty as hell."
    "Ma'am So let's look at this again, what is he guilty of?"
    "He's guilty of taking advantage of...… I said this already, your honor you're not doing your job, you're not doing your job. Is there anyway I can get another judge for this case, because I am really beginning to be concerned that this judge is not doing a good job of listening to me. I've explained to him my issues and my story and he's asking me questions about things that I already told him.  I don't understand what his problem is."
    "No Ma'am, sorry about that, the judge you got is the judge you keep. You can't be exchanging judges. You can throw out your lawyer, but you can't throw out the judge. Sorry about that Ma'am, so continue."
    "Okay, well I thought this was justice, but obviously it's not. When it comes to the judges they get to do anything they wish.  So I want to talk again about the aspect of being drugged, drugged, continuously drugged. I begged him, I said please, don't knock me out."
    "Oh Ma'am we need to go back to the color of his eyes.. Are you gonna explain to us how you know the color of his eyes?"
    "Yes, I know the color of his eyes, they're…... Your Honor, I already explained that to you. If I can see him, than surely I can see what color his eyes are! They're brown and beautiful."
    "Okay Ma'am if you say so."
    "I say so.  But I still do not know why that is relevant. I have explained to you my story, and how he has taken advantage of me.  I am in this court before you your honor, because I want to get justice.  This man has entrapped me, ensnared me, pulled me into his invisible charms.  He has drugged me and left me in a hypnotic trance. Then I read on the internet that this behavior is criminal and I would like to know, your honor, what are you going to do about it? He needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law!"
    "Well Ma'am, I must say that your situation is quite different from any that I have ever seen in my long history of being a judge.  We have often had cases where the defendant did not appear. However in your case the defendant seems to be incapable of appearing as he seems to choose not to.  If that be the case, what can we do?  We do not have invisible guards who can put invisible handcuffs on him and take him to an invisible jail. What would you suggest that we do?"
    "Well, I don't know what you can do. I only know that I have a case, and that I have followed due process in presenting it to you, and now you are asking "me" what to do?  I am curious as to how you even became a judge, much less remain a judge for such a long time.  Are your constituents aware of your ineptitude?"
    "Ma'am have you ever heard of contempt of court?"
    "Well, yes, I have heard of it, but I'm not too sure exactly what that means.  What does that mean, your honor?"
    "It means that if you continue to insult me, I can have a visible guard, place visible handcuffs on you and take you off to a visible jail."
    "Wow, really your honor? You mean to tell me that with all the evidence I have presented to you, that you would find me guilty of a crime and not the accused?"
    "Well Ma'am unless the accused can appear in court before this bench, you my dear, will have to bare the brunt of any inappropriate behavior, language and innuendos about my authority, etc. Since he is not here challenging my authority and you are, it would be perfectly legal for me to charge you and have you committed. So I would strongly suggest, that you proceed cautiously from this point further in the manner that you address me.  Is that understood, Ma'am?"
    "Yes, I understand. I certainly do understand. I also see that the scales of justice are a bit out of balance and that my case is not going to receive the justice I desire and deserve."
    "Well Ma'am here is what I can do for you. If he can make an appearance in this court 5 days from now, we will review his defense and make a decision. Until then, your story is quite unbelievable, so I strongly suggest that you be very cautious about entertaining him in the future.  Court dismissed!"

    Tuesday, March 28, 2017

    Who Really Kidnapped Little Johnny Samuels? (Videos)

    Who Really Kidnapped Little Johnny Samuels?

    I don't know about you or how you would feel but there is something eerily sterile about sitting in the precinct. They didn't take me into a private room or anything like that, they didn't even seem to notice me much as they bustled around doing whatever they do. You would think that by now they would have all the modern conveniences they need to do their jobs and it would take so long for them to search their records and find who they are looking for, especially a child who has recently disappeared. But they seem to be seriously behind the times.

    While I am sitting there waiting I recall video chatting with one of my clients earlier that morning. I was a little groggy because it was really early for me. The birds tweet at sunrise, but I am counting the cracks in my eyelids. However on this day she needed to meet earlier than usual so though I hadn't gotten much sleep I accommodated her. Now I am yawning every few minutes as I sit here and wait for whoever is supposed to be asking me questions.

    My eyelids are so heavy. I startle myself as I almost fall out of the chair in a serious nod. Then I hear this voice calling my name. Am I dreaming, did I actually fall asleep waiting?

    "Ms. Johnson, Ms. Johnson. Excuse me, is your name Deborah Johnson?"
    "Yes, yes, yes." I stumble over my words, I had actually dosed off right before he started calling my name.
    "Yes, yes, yes, but most folks just call me Debbie. Who are you?"
    "Ma'am, I am here to question you, okay?"
    "Well, I just wanted to know who you were, especially since you know my whole name and all. My bad."
    "Listen, I have to ask you a few questions. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions."

    It always makes me laugh when some authority figure like a cop or detective asks you if they can ask you a question as if that unwritten law does not exist, you know the law that says they can ask you anything and you better answer and you better not lie either.

    "Sure you can ask me a question, what do you want to ask me." I say politely.
    "Well, I want to know what happened to Johnny Samuels this morning. We have already spoken with his parents and now we need to ask you a few questions."

    It always tickles me when they use the plural pronoun "we" like you don't see anyone else with the guy but he talks with this authority like, he is surrounded by cherubim and seraphim or some invisible party of authority figures who are waiting for your responses that you better answer or else. It's so intimidating the way they do that.
    "I thought that was why I was here, so you could question me." 

    Bravo, I say to myself, it was a snarky remark, but it was my little way of gaining at least a semblance of authority over my own life after sitting in that place for hours and being ignored the whole time as well. So there!

    "Did you ever meet with Mr. and Mrs. Samuels before?"
    "No, I just met them this morning."
    "Then how do you know them?"
    "Like I said, I met them this morning. I don't know them and didn't know them before this morning. Obviously they knew me before I knew them, since they contacted me first."  I am feeling pretty witty now.
    "Ma'am, as I mentioned to you before, I will be asking the questions and I would hope that you will cooperate with me. You do realize that what happened this morning on your property is a serious matter, correct?"
    "Yes, I do, I feel terrible, I feel awful, I don't know what happened, I can't even explain it myself."
    "Okay, Ma'am, terrible and awful is fine but we need some questions answered at this point. So, how did you come to meet them."
    "I only met them this morning. They called me and said they had heard of my day care and how well I did with the children there and they had a special child and wanted to see if I could do something with him."
    "Special Ma'am, what did they mean by special."
    "Heck if I know. They never really explained it to me, I just felt good that they thought I could help him. Look, it was really early in the morning, I didn't get much sleep, cause I had to be up with the birds to video chat with my other client."
    "Ma'am, we really want to stick to the course of questioning, we are not really interested in anything that does not have to do with finding out what happened to Johnny Samuels. Unless of course, your video chat was about him, was it?"
    "No it wasn't about him, it was about...."
    "Ma'am, as I already stated," he interrupts, "we need to stay on topic here."

    By this time, I am starting to focus on the person behind the voice. It was bad enough that the precinct was archaic but even this dude was archaic. Dressed in a tan trench coat looking like a modern day Columbo, who wears trench coats anymore?

    "Ma'am.." he twerps and snaps me out of my thoughts. Good thing because a sinister smile was creeping across my face.
    "Ma'am, so you are saying you just met them this morning via a phone call."
    "No, I am saying they called me and asked me if I could work with their special child and so I told them sure, and they brought him right over."
    "How soon after the call?"
    Sometimes these guys can be so anal, how soon after the call? I said they brought him right over.
    "Um, I guess it was within the hour or so, somewhere near 8 or 9 o'clock.
    "Can you be more specific Ma'am, what was it 8 o'clock or 9 o'clock"
    "How abut 8:30 AM?" I snap back!
    "Ma'am, there's no need for you to be sarcastic. We need an exact time, we are trying collaborate your story with theirs. If you say 8:30 and they say 9:00 then we may have a discrepancy and you may have to sit here even longer to figure out exactly what time it was. Do you understand?"

    Okay, so now his voice is starting to drone on and I am getting anxious, not by him but just from trying really hard to stay awake. Last night was a real solo party of one and I am still drawing myself out of that fog.

    "Okay, let me put it this way. My video chat with my other client was around 6AM. it lasted about 2 hours or so, then I got the call from them, that would make it around 8 am. They said they would be right over, they seem to already know where I live and so they brought their son over shortly after that. I felt kind of awkward because I was still dressed in my house clothes because I hadn't expected anyone to come over."
    "Ma'am, are you running a business in your home? A child care business? Or are you some kind of special consultant that works with special children?"

    I am feeling a bit insulted, special consultant? What does that mean, special consultant that works with special children. With an indignant voice, I respond.

    "Sir, I am a certified childcare provider. I work with children using my special program that I created that has seen great success over the years. People have raved about the results I have gotten with their children as you can see, perfect strangers heard about my services and contacted me out of the blue."

    I feel really good about saying that. I perked up and now I am really awake. He seemed to be insulting me.

    "Ma'am, I apologize if I sound incredulous. But you seem like, well, never mind.. So they came there as you say, around 8:30 or so."
    "I can only say that because it was quick, I have no idea where they came from. We didn't even get a chance to  get any details exchanged because every thing happened so fast."
    "What do you mean, everything happened so fast?"
    "Well, they came over, we sat down for a few minutes, we talked a few minutes, I took Johnny outside and that is where he disappeared. Whoosh, just like that he was gone!"
    "Okay Ma'am, one thing at a time. We will get to that part. What did they tell you about themselves?"
    "Well, they told me they had been looking for the most suitable daycare/educational space for Johnny. somewhere where he could thrive and the person would be able to address his needs and give him exactly what he needed to thrive. They talked a lot of stuff that basically went over my head. They tried to explain how "special" he was and I have seen hundreds of children in my day, and sometimes I notice that parents want "their" child to be more special than anyone else's child when the child is just a child who may have a little this or that but nothing as major as some parents like to say about their child."
    "Ma'am we still need to stick to the story. So what did you say to them?"
    "I told them that I would be more than happy to work with their son. Children are just in need of the attention that they need, every child does not need the same attention, some want to sing, some want to dance, some want to read some just want to play.. I told them that I would see what he liked to do and work from there."
    "Were they pleased with your response?"
    "Um, I really don't know. I know they were not too happy after he disappeared, not at all. And I felt terrible, he was on my property, I felt responsible, how could this be happening?"
    "Okay, Ma'am, what happened next?"
    "Well, I had this container of apples, it was a plastic container and it had four apples in it. I use the environment to teach children simple things and the environment can be used. So, I sang a little song, I made up right there, "Apples go low and apples go high, apples can go way up to the sky." While doing that, we have Jonny's hands on the container and mine and we learn several things in that little song. Mr.  Samuels smiled at me in approval and then I took Johnny out into the yard. I have a huge yard on my property. I call it a yard because I have it fenced in for the safety reasons."
    "What happens after that Ma'am?"
    Add caption
    "Well we are singing this little song near a tree that's on my property, a bit away from the house, and all of a sudden, it's as if the earth opened up and swallowed him."
    "The earth opened up and swallowed him, Ma'am?"
    "Well, it was sorta like that. We are doing our little song, holding the container of apples, we move our arms up and down with the song. In fact, we were gonna take the song a little further but.."
    "Ma'am can you please stay on focus? We really need to have your story step by step."

    This guy has no idea how devastating that moment was for me. I am beginning to tremble now, even, just thinking about it and reliving that moment, it was traumatic. How he just seemed to disappear into the ground like that.

    "Well, at one point, I think I was holding him in my arms. I'm not sure, he was such a cute little thing, no more than 3 years old.. but things are foggy now. Did I drop him and then the ground swallowed him or did the ground open up. I don't know, I just can't remember which happened."
    "Okay, Ma'am, so you saw the ground swallow him, correct."
    "Well, no not just like that, when it happened, he seemed to go face first into the ground, I was so nervous, I wondered if his parents could see from where they were sitting what happened, so I reached down to pull him back up. My heart is racing now, cause you know, something like that happens on your property, you are in court forever, so I quickly grabbed him and tried to pull him back up, but I lost my grip on him and he just was gone, like whoosh, just gone! I really don't know how that happened, I really don't know what happened. It was terrifying and I felt so responsible. It's my fault, it's my fault."
    "Ma'am, can you please calm down, we need to ask you a few more questions."

    By this time, I am trembling. I am so shaken I feel like I may relieve myself.

    "Um can I go to the bathroom?'
    "Yes, Ma'am, Sgt. Anderson will escort you to the bathroom."

    Dang, I think to myself, what do they think I am gonna do, escape or something, they gotta send me to the bathroom with an escort.

    "Okay, thanks."

    When I return, Mr. Columbo is prancing and on the phone. He appears really agitated but I didn't do anything, so he must be getting some bad news from some where else.

    "Take a seat, Ma'am, I will be with you in a minute."
    You have some information on Mrs. Samuels? 
    She has a record? Hmm, okay. 
    Ms. Johnson, yeah she's right here. 
    Daycare License expired 3 years ago? 
    Anything else?"

    He's quiet for a long time, it seemed like centuries, I was gonna get that license renewed, just last week, I mean, I hadn't had any children in over 4 years now. So, I wasn't really active, and when they came over, I told myself, I had better get it renewed right away. I had every intention of doing that. But, it had been a rough 4 years. Money was tight, I had used up all my savings, and my clientele had trickled down, folks can hardly by milk for their babies much less pay for anything extra. I brought my fees way down, but even after that, things were just not working out. I kept telling myself to get that license renewed because you never know, but then I needed $400 to do it with, and with the mortgage, and other utilities along with insurance, it was hard to swing it and before I knew it 4 years had passed. I am beginning to feel really, really bad now, because he was on my property, and I didn't have my license and I am not even sure if I had paid my property insurance.

    "Ma'am, Ma'am…... Ma'am....... Ms. Johnson!!!" He actually raised his voice at me and startled me, I was deep in my thoughts but I respond,
    "Yes, yes sir. did you have any more questions for me? I really don't have anything else to tell you. Can I go now?"
    "So, it seems that you do not have a current license to provide daycare services. Is that correct?"
    "Well, yes, but since they came over, I was gonna get it right away."
    "Do they know that your license has not been renewed in 4 years, Ma'am? Are you aware that that is a violation of state law? You cannot take any children under your care without a license. You are aware of that, correct.?"
    "Well, yeah, I am but I was gonna get it, they were just over there for a few minutes, we didn't even exchange any paperwork or money or anything. I was just showing them a few things that I do with the children. We didn't sign anything or anything like that."
    "But you did intend to proceed as if you were all legal, though, correct? You weren't gonna tell them that you did not have a current license now were you?
    "So, you do realize that you are in violation of state law, correct?"
    "Well, no, I mean yes, I mean no. Oh I don't know what I mean, how did I violate state laws?"
    "Ma'am, at the moment of first contact it was your responsibility to tell them that you do not have a current license and that should have been the end of the phone call, instead, you intended to deceive them and pretend that  you were legal and take their money for your services and hope no one found out that you were providing child care without a current license to do so, is that correct, Ma'am?"

    One of the things that is most annoying about these characters is how they drone on. They are turning your world upside down with what they are saying but the drone is so unnerving you just want to scream out at them.

    "Listen, you are correct, I was gonna pretend I was legit. I really was, see, I hadn't had anyone there for years, and I was hoping that working with them would draw more to me so they would not need to know cause I would have the money to pay for the license renewal. But we didn't exchange any documents and they did not pay me a dime, not a single dime, so I am confused how I am in violation."
    "Well, Ma'am, they could say that you deceived them and that you were a fraud and could sue you on fraudulent charges."
    "Yes, they could have your business investigated and they could have you charged. It may not stand up in a court of law, but from now on, make sure you make it clear to any prospective parents that you do not have your license."
    "Okay, I will, I promise, I will, but, but,..... well, anyways. I promise I will. Or maybe I will just sell my body on the street to get the $400 to pay for the license."  I say sarcastically. How dare they threaten to sue me because they feel I was being a fraud!
    "Ma'am, can we get back to the object of my questioning please?"

    Oh wow, now he wants to stay on topic. I didn't bring up anything about my license and I frankly don't see what that has to do with anything, since I didn't take any money from them. Well, I did lose their child, but that's different. I am feeling really, really bad, almost like I'm a criminal or something.

    "Ma'am, can you tell me what else happened after the child disappeared into the ground?
    "Well, I tried to pull him out, but I lost my footing and he was gone, all I had left was his shoe that was still in my hand. I just didn't know what to do after that. Mr. Samuels came over. I am crushed, I can't even talk. Mr. Samuels used his hands to push the ground away around the hole that Johnny fell into. But as he began to push away the soil, I got a glimpse of  my basement. I saw the boxes I had stored in there stacked up and I was like, oh, wait, maybe we should go in the house and call the police. I didn't know what to do. I started thinking that if I could distract them long enough, that I could go into my basement and see if he was down there. We didn't here him crying or anything, and I wondered if he was hurt or something or maybe dead down there, but I wanted to distract them so I could go look and see if he was down there. Oh I don't know, what I was thinking or what I could do. But you know what, they were so calm. The mom came out, she looked over there, where we were standing near the tree, and then she just went back into the house. I was like damn, if that were me, and I lost my child, I mean just whoosh like that, I would be devastated. I started to think about them Sandy Hook folks who just smiled like it was any other day, their child died."
    "Ma'am, we are not here to talk about Sandy Hook."
    "I know, but that is what I thought. When the cops came, they were still composed as if nothing had ever happened to their child. He just disappeared into the ground, like he fell through a hole in my yard, and they were calm, they were not even screaming at me, or telling me I better do something quick, or threatening me, they were like, business as usual. When the police got there, I had gone down into my basement, but I didn't see him there, he wasn't there, and my mind was so confused, because how could he not be there, where was he. I felt I was in the twilight zone or some strange movie or TV show. And especially because his parents were so calm."
    "Do you know anything about the Samuels'? anything at all? Do you have their personal contact information? Anything?"
    "Well, no, I mean I could check my caller ID for the time they called but they just introduced themselves as Mr. & Mrs. Samuels. Like I said, we didn't exchange any paperwork or anything like that."
    "So today, was the first day you ever saw them?"
    "And you have never heard of them before, like read about them in the newspaper or anything?"
    "No, I don't understand why you are asking me these questions."
    "Do you know them by any other names. Like are they Johnsons' or Masters' or Campbell's or any other name that you may know them as."
    "Excuse me, didn't I tell you earlier that I never met them before this morning? Are you insinuating that I knew them before? If I knew them before, then why would I lose their kid, that don't make no sense." I respond indignantly.

    "It makes sense Ms. Johnson, it makes sense if you were part of the plot."
    "Plot, plot? what plot? A plot to lose a child down a sink hole or something? What kind of plot is that? That makes no sense, why would I engage in such a plot, and on my property where I could get sued for child neglect or as you said, misrepresenting myself, being a fraudulent childcare provider, and all that? Why would I even engage in such a plot? How would that help me out?"
    "Well, Ma'am, there are many scam artists in this world and this seems to be just another scam."
    "What the hell, are you trying to say, that I am pretending that the child fell down a hole into my basement? Are you saying that I am pretending to enjoy being interrogated by you and losing my reputation behind some plot or scam? Sir, you are ridiculous!"
    "Yes, you may think so Ma'am, but I have seen worse in my line of work, I have been a detective with Child Protective Services for 30 years, and people seem to find all kinds of ways to lose children. They know they will garner sympathy, money and even fame, if they get on TV crying about their lost child. We have found that some of them actually drug their children, have them kidnapped and get ransom money for them. It is typically done with little children, but they can get older ones to do it as well. Some of them are drug addicts and need the money. Some of them are homeless and pretend they have a home the child ran away from."
    "Man, get out of here, are you serious? You can't be serious. People will do that to their children? Come on man, you can't be serious."
    "I am dead serious, which is why I am wondering if you are part of the plot, part of the conspiracy."
    "Conspiracy?? Conspiracy??"
    "Yes Ma'am, are you aware that it would be impossible for that hole in the ground to be a part of your basement? The hole that the child allegedly fell through?"
    "Allegedly, allegedly. I saw him fall through that hole. I tried to grab him but something had him so hard all I had left was his shoe. Mr. Samuels said it was some kind of boogie man that got him. And then he showed me the bottom of the boy's shoe and pointed to some shape on the bottom of his shoe that was supposed to be the sign that the boogie man got him. I was like, this guy must be nuts or so outdone his child fell down the hole."
    'Ma'am, did you go into your basement to try to find the child down there?"
    "Yes, I did, I went down there, while the police were talking to his Parents. Well, I sorta slipped down there, because they didn't see me go to the basement. I don't even think they saw me come back either. I was pretty quick, and besides they were asking them questions."
    "The police was asking them questions? Why weren't they asking you questions? You were the one who last saw the child?"
    "I don't know, I don't know, the police were just talking to them actually. They seemed to know them or something, it seemed kind of strange, but they were pretty friendly. I was thinking to myself, when are these folks gonna break down. They just lost a kid in a hole and they are talking as if nothing happened it made me think about crisis actors like them actors in the San........"
    "Ma'am, we must stay on topic here."
    "You know what, I think I remember you talking to them too. You were there, I remember you now. You were talking to them after the police left or were the police walking all over my yard looking for the hole, damn I can't remember.. What the hell, that was you, now that I think about it, you had on that coat you have on now, but I was looking through my window so I only saw the side of your face. You turned and walked away, but you left your briefcase on the column there. And you know what, I saw the lady, she pulled something out of your briefcase. It looked like a picture or something, she put it back but I saw her pull it out. That's weird, why would she pull that out of your brief case, and why did you leave it there anyways, ain't that supposed to be like top secret or something, like stuff you don't want nobody to see?"
    "Ma'am, yes indeed. I left it there on purpose."
    "You did?"
    "Yes, I wanted to let them know that I was on to them. And now I think I am on to you as well."
    "Wait a second, on to me, what did I do? I didn't do anything. I swear, I don't even know them people!"
    "Well, it seems she doesn't know that little boy either."
    "Well, when I asked her the age of the child and his birth date, she gave me a vague answer,  and said he was born in January. Wouldn't a mother know the exact date of the birth of her child?"
    "Well, I should think so. But what does that prove?"
    "It makes her suspect, how would she not know the exact date that her child was born?"
    "Okay, but I still don't see how that makes me suspect or in cahoots with them in some crazy plot to lose their kid."
    "Ma'am, are you aware that it is impossible for your basement to stretch all the way to that tree that is several hundred yards away from your property? the only way that could be a part of your property is for it to be a tunnel of some sort."
    "No, wait. Let me think about this. I mean, I felt so guilty and responsible, I don't think I actually thought about that. Hey, You're right, we were a bit of a ways away from the house, the tree is way over there. I don't know how far, but....... but..... when I got a glimpse down the hole, I saw my stuff, stuff that is in my basement, boxes, stacked, children's toys and other stuff.. "
    "Ma'am when you went into your basement, did you look up?"
    "Well, no, I looked down, I looked down behind the boxes that were stacked up, I wanted to see if he had fallen down back there. I knew he would be dead had he fallen down that far. But no, why would I look up?"
    "Ma'am, because if you had looked up you would have seen the hole he fell through."

    Duhhh, I really feel like an ass now, why didn't I look up? What made me look down instead? Certainly, I would have needed to check out the hole in the ceiling which would have meant a hole in the floor, which would have been the floor under the first floor of the house which means, what I saw was not under my house, but under the grounds around my house and that we would have had to been in the house for him to fall through to my basement.
    Wow, the cloud is lifting. Fear, guilt and anxiety can surely cloud ones judgment.

    "Um, are you saying that there is a tunnel underground near my property? Are you saying that someone built a tunnel underground and that they snatched that child down there? Man, that's crazy! And where was I while they were building this tunnel? On my property?"
    "Ma'am, I have a receipt here from a nearby liquor store. You have been purchasing quite a bit of liquor especially lately. It seems, from the report we got from the cashier, that you slowly but surely started coming in there more and more often. So, I may surmise that you were sound asleep, maybe when they were building that tunnel?"

    I begin to shift in my chair, I am not liking how I am feeling, this feels like a set up. I said I was gonna stop drinking as soon as I got my license renewed. I mean, I had only started having a few drinks after the children left anyways.. no one was there, my husband left me long time ago, I don't have any of my own children, I live alone, I had an assistant but as things got slower I let her go. But, just a drink or two before bed because it was hard to sleep at night.

    "Are you trying to say, that I was drunk, so I wouldn't hear them banging and moving shit around on my property? Is that what you are trying to say?"
    "Ma'am, are you aware that there is a tunnel system that goes right under your property?"
    Oh now he wanna skip the subject.
    "No." I respond tersely.
    "Okay, Ma'am, you are not aware of a tunnel system being build under your property? Are you aware that this system is used as part of the plot? And are you aware that the children they claim to have been abducted are not abducted but are part of the conspiracy? Are you aware that they tell the children to go right to the spot where the tunnel entrance is, in the ground the children put their faces to the ground or jump up and down on that spot or fall on that spot and they are quickly snatched by the accomplices to this plot? Do you realize that after they capture the children, they drug them to shut them up and so they have no memory of what happened after they fall through the hole. Ma'am, little Johnny Samuels, or whatever his name is fell through that hole on purpose. He knew what to do."
    "But how is that possible? I took him out onto my property and over to the tree."
    "Ma'am, did you take him over there or did he "ask" to be taken over there?
    "Let me think, let me think, everything is all twisted now. Wait...... wait...... um, I think you are right, he did, he said, "let's go near the tree, he did say that,  he said, let's go near the tree!" Actually he spoke so well I was surprised for a child of 3 he spoke very well."
    "Ma'am, he is really 5 years old, small for his age, but he started this game with his "parents" when he was 3 years old. To him it's a game. He has no idea how he is being used and for what purpose. He just plays the game.."
    "Oh my fucking God! Are you serious, are you kidding me? It's a game they play with that cute little boy? He doesn't know, He just does it?"
    "Unfortunately, this is only one of the many games that are being played with children. from time to time we are able to at least catch the adults who are doing this, our biggest problem is getting the police and other officials to  stop it!
    Okay Ma'am, you are free to go."
    "What?  what? that's it, that's all?"
    "Yes, that's all, we have both the alleged Samuels in custody. We have been trailing them for a long time, so thanks for your cooperation. You are free to go."
    "Well, I'll be damned, ain't that some shit. What the hell."
    "Ma'am, you would do well to watch your language and take leave while we feel we have no reason to keep you. And by the way, stay away from the liquor store, you can save that money to renew your license."

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