Saturday, May 7, 2011

On Integrity

So, I go to bed shifting back and forth over whether or not I am going to go to a program that I promised to go to on Facebook. The program was being hosted by a dear friend/teacher Alex. I hesitated because the program started at 9AM, and I don't be up at 9am especially on a Saturday. But the guests sound interesting and Alex was teaching Brazilian drumming. Cool.

As usual, I go to be really too late to get up at 9am. It was already 4:30am by the time I laid myself down. So cool, I say well if I wake up I will go. I wake up at 9am.. Not going now, I tell myself, but from the time I went back to sleep up until I finally was awaken by this dream at 2pm, I could see that I really needed to go. I had one zillion excuses for not going. Then it boiled down to, you want them to support what you are doing right?? Yeah, I say to myself, let me get up and go.

As I was getting dressed I began to rehash the dream and its significance. Little by little the cloud began to dispate and I realized this dream was about integrity, with all the players that would bring this message home, especially my daughter.

So in a short portion before the long one, I can hear folks clapping as if it were the end of the show. Not a lot of hands going, so I assumed it was a small crowd. It was as if I was in the other room but could hear what was going on. I hear a piano. How does that have to do with Afro-Cuban music I question to myself in this part of the dream.

Later, Adwoa invites us into this room. She is carrying "Peanut" but Peanut is at least 3 months old. She is so cute with reddish brown frizzy baby hair and Adwoa lays her on the table in her carseat. She tells us that she is going to show us a video of the childbirth and every thing. She wanted to keep it from us until the appointed time, but she did not give us a reason.

Personally, I was really hurt, because I wanted to be there and I could not understand why she would leave me out of all people, her own mother. But I sit down and wait for the video to start.

People begin to come into the room, an old white couple, Adwoa introduces as the baby's grandparents. That was really strange to me, but anyway. A few of her friends come in and they all take their seats. Me, I am completely outdone. I begin to weep to myself and feel a rush of emotions run over me.. and then I wake up. I think this is the whole thing.

Anyway, as I prepare to go to the program, I realize this dream is about me. I said I was going, and then I procrastinated and made excuses to not go. I really didn't want to be caught down town trying to find a parking space. So I ask the Parking Goddess to direct me. Sure enough, I found a space, had a bit of a fumble at the Parking Kiosk. Walked really, really fast to the venue, and just as I was going in, there was Alex, in the uppermost back row!! I was able to speak to him briefly, showing my face in the venue for a few minutes, 20? And guess what else, wasn't this dude sitting at the piano playing Afro-Cuban Jazz? Shows how much I know. Then they played on of my favorites, Afro Blue. They did a great job!!! My brain and spirit was expanded.. I got back to my car before the parking police put a ticket on it.. and was blessed with a dinner out by a good friend.

All in all, it has been a wonderful day of self realization. I can't be upset about anyone else's lies if I am not going to be up fron about my own and stick to my own intentions that I have made.


Friday, February 25, 2011

A dream-imagine? If Yeshua had been the Creator's Only Begotten Daughter?

In this dream I am talking with a group of men. Some of these dudes are so fired up about what they believe! They are talking all over each other and trying to make a point louder than the other. I must admit that most of it I agreed with, and I thoroughly enjoyed the exchange and the testosterone!!

At some point, they started talking about Yeshua. They were saying that the Creator had to send a man to do the work. The other men of course all chimed in as if that was the deal, and no other question or comment needed. At this point it was quite evident that my two cents was needed.


Me: "Uh, now on this point, I must disagree with you."
Man: What do you mean?
Me: I mean that I am sure the Creator could have chosen a female if there was a conversation between the Creator and Yeshua about that.
Man: Get outa here, girl. Why would the Creator chose a female to do Yeshua's work?
Me: Because Yeshua's work required compassion, understanding, nurturing, love, empathy, intuition, creativity, magic and feelings, etc. These are typically attributed to the female. Men are more martial, ego-centric, analytical, impatient, etc. That's why.
Man: What, Yeshua had a serious mission on his hands, he had to come out fighting!
Me: But he didn't according to the scriptures. He was non-aggressive, not passive, but non- aggressive. In fact, it almost seems that with the persona they used for Yeshua, he was a bit effeminate anyway. Right?
Man: Girl, you talking trash now. What do you mean, effeminate?
Me: Well he certainly doesn't appear buffed, he spoke in soft tones, for the most part, and had a womanly demeanor, if you ask me.
Man: Get outa here! Yeshua was the man and he had a mission. He was a powerful man.
Me: I ain't saying he wasn't powerful, but what I am saying is that had the Creator chose His only Begotten Daughter, the work done by Yeshua, would have lined up energetically with the Female Vibration. That's all I'm saying.

I woke up from this dream still having the conversation with these guys.

"Jesus got angry, clearly. Jesus also wept publicly, but we rarely hear my traditionalist friends using His example to repudiate the “big boys don’t cry” ethos. Jesus allows Himself to be anointed by a woman, infuriating his disciples who are upset about the cost of the perfumed oil — but perhaps also upset by what seems, to them, like an almost feminine vanity on His part. The examples of Jesus engaging in tender and nurturing behavior far outnumber those in which he behaves as the muscular He-Man of conservative traditionalist teaching."

"JERUSALEM- A team of archaeologists discovered artifacts near the wall in Jerusalem's ancient City of David that not only shows evidence that Jesus actually existed, but that "he" was a female. The amazing discoveries make it, not only the earliest known evidence for Jesus, but reveals that Jesus was actually a girl.
Regardless of traditional interpretations, the new evidence leaves out a heterosexual male interpretation. "Either Jesus was a girl (possibly a lesbian or a Temple prostitute), a homosexual, or a transvestite. There is no other option," says Mazar.

To make matters worse, Christian fundamentalists did not accept the new findings at all. Kent Hovind, a Ph.D from the Patriot Bible University (a Creationist university), angered by the female and the hermaphrodite interpretation, shouted, "This is an outrage! Jesus was NOT a girl. He was NOT a hermaphrodite, and he certainly was not a HOMO. He was a MAN, the SON of God. He had a PENIS!"
Then professor Mazar resonded to Hovind, "Well, if he had a penis, then that would make him gay, NOW WOULDN'T IT?"

Apparently Hovind did not consider this, and the mere thought triggered a violent response. Reporters at the meeting observed Hovind picking up the priceless brass phallic and hitting Mazar on the head. This caused such a commotion that the other professors joined in.

"Everyone jumped in," observed John Botell, a reporter from the New York Times. "It was horrible. Weenker gave Jeffery Clout an upper-cut that caused severe bleeding." Another reporter saw Balzar jumping on Hovind's back where he began punching his head like a rag doll. Shouts of obscenities filled the room. Hovind, a right-wing gun advocate, produced a pistol and began shooting into the crowd. "Fists were flying everywhere and lots of blood was shed in Christ's name," Botell observed.

A police swat team entered the building and finally stopped the masacre. An ambulance came and took many of the injured professors to a local hospital. Doctors, after observing X-rays of Hovind's body, discovered the brass phalus impalled deep into Hovind's rectum.

Jim Walker, an independent observer and non-believer, did not buy any of the interpretations, noting that, "There exists no evidence for a historical Jesus, much less a female Jesus. People will believe anything told to them, as long as the material gets presented to them in a believable way."

As usual, Catholics, Protestants, and Jews fought against each other over a religious interpretation. "This is nothing new," says Walker, "They not only do this every April 1st., they do it everyday."

Monday, January 10, 2011

Pilot & Craft on New Planet

When I look up, I see my craft sideways down into the shore. A shore that appears to be a deep gray sandy dirt texture. I look out over the "sea" it is green/blue/purple color. There is a red sun setting over the horizon. The glowing color of this sunset is breathtaking.. deep and stretching across the horizon from end to end.

I am dressed in a "space suit". It seems I have on a helmet. The suit is a bit bulky, it may have been a silvery color. I have a co-pilot. We seem to be awakening, rising up, or coming to our feet; maybe having ejected from our craft.

We look away from the body of water and see droves of very thin and very tall female species. We had no knowledge of these type of creatures. They are carrying long oblong vessels on their heads, as if they are about to go into the body of water before us. Interestingly enough, they barely notice us.

Our craft lying sideways into the shore of this body of water. Unfamiliar to us. It is virtually submerged, half way into this shore. I have seen this craft in waking life, small, cylindrical and dull metallic.